Our Mission:

To groom a Triple “A” Athlete (Academics, Attitude, and Athletics)

 The organization was founded in 2010, to provide each athlete the opportunity to reach his or her full potential by developing Athleticism, Attitude and Academics.  Another primary goal is to organize and promote track and field training events and competitive meets.  By providing training and competitive opportunities, USA seeks to encourage youths to discover and develop athletic skills, form healthy lifelong exercise habits, and learn important principles of sportsmanship.

The Ultimate Speed Academy Track Club (USA) is a track and field and cross country running club for girls and boys ages 3 to 18 which participates in AAU and USATF sanctioned meets. We serve the youth of the St. Louis and St. Charles County areas.

Our Club has three seasons, indoor track and field in the Winter (December-March), outdoor track and field in the Spring (March-August) and cross country in the Fall (September-November). The USA Track Club program is designed to teach athletes sprinting, distance running and field events properly by providing an experience that is fun, competitive, social, and informative about the sport.

From its inception the USA Track Club has been a competitive running club for serious, self-motivated youth runners that want to work hard, have fun and learn about the sports of track and field and cross country. Through their focus and effort athletes will improve their performances as runners, which will in turn have a positive impact on their participation in other athletic programs.  By consistently participating in practices, USA athletes will develop the determination and the mental strength to push themselves to achieve their individual performance goals.