It’s GO Time! ┬áCongratulations to ALL of our AAU Multi-Event Athletes and Qualifiers!

Kellen Nelson: 1st place (Qualified)
Evan Norwood: 3rd place (Qualified)
Khalil Peterson: 4th place (Qualified)
Ja’Riya Johnson: 2nd place (Qualified)
Nyla Adams: 2nd place (Qualified)
Samaya Peterson: 3rd place (Qualified)
Dorian Sykes: 7th place
Caleb Nesbitt: 7th place

Day 2
Jasmin Pointer: 2nd place (Qualified)
Alan Savoy: 1st place (Qualified)
Keshon Campbell: 2nd place (Qualified)
Isaiah Williams: 1st place (Qualified)
Zachary Valentine: 2nd place (Qualified)
Myles Norwood: 1st place (Qualified)
Amar Johnson: 2nd place (Qualified)
Brooke Moore: 1st place (Qualified)
Zachary Roberts: 5th place
Destiny Brown: 5th place