The 2020-21 indoor track season will officially begin Tuesday, November 10th, at Trinity Catholic HS. Days of practice will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm and ending promptly at 7:30pm. The athletes will be outside on the track and in the building. So, please come dressed and prepared to be outside on the track. Unfortunately parents, you will be required to stay in your vehicles to limit/decrease possible contamination or infection. Only athletes and coaches will be allowed in the building.

In order to participate the following must be attained prior to practice:
1. A current AAU membership with the team code
2. Be registered with the club, by paying the $35 registration fee (NON-REFUNDABLE) – registration will open on November 6th
3. Sign a 2020-21 Liability to Participate Waiver.

These three items MUST BE obtained/fulfilled in order for you/your athlete to participate. If you do not have these items on the first day of practice or later, you/your athlete will be turned away; NO EXCEPTIONS! Meaning, you/your athlete WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to participate until all items are completed. Registrations will be verified.

You will be able to find these particular items on the team website, as well as, the AAU website at www.aausports.org. The COVID-19 pandemic has set everyone back with uncertainty, forcing the club to take these measures as in the summer.

Certain other measures will be enforced to ensure safety of all will be to:
a. continue social distancing to the best of everyone’s ability; athletes will be spread out accordingly with their designated coach
b. a proper coach/athlete ratio (depending on the number of athletes) – the club currently has 10 coaches available.
c. the usage of masks by the coaching staff – if you/your athlete has a mask, you are encouraged to use it as well
d. constant cleaning/sanitation of exercise equipment and facility
e. usage of hand sanitizer at the end of practice and between work stations
f. NO PEE-WEE age athletes, three to six, can participate (please do not ask for an exception because you will be strictly denied, even if there is an older sibling participating).
g. if you/your athlete has a runny nose, temperature of 100 degrees or more, constant coughing and sneezing, or gastric problems, DO NOT COME TO PRACTICE
h. temperatures will be checked and recorded at the beginning of practice
This can only work if you/your athlete are dedicated to the guidelines set forth for the program’s success.

In order to have progress, there will be struggles. Meaning, we are facing the unknown on whether there will be local competitions. I have been searching the internet and various locations for competitions, but not much has been listed. Indoor track meets are usually two to four hour travel times from St. Louis. However, increased travel may be a required for competitions.

We are unable to train you/your athlete for football, basketball, nor any other sport. We will only be track specific and dedicated to those planning to compete. The risk of having too many people in the area is too great for the unknown and possible spread of COVID-19, along with the flu. The coaching staff will be acting accordingly with the guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), St. Louis City/County government(s), and the club by-laws initiated by the Executive Board.

Registration will open via the link below on November 6th. Waiver forms will be supplied at the designated practice location.