The USA Fundraising Committee welcomes you and looks forward to working with you during the 2013 track season.  The fundraising opportunities are open to all USA track athletes and their families.  We are committed to supporting the athletes with equipment, activities and provide fundraising opportunities for the parents to offset costs associated with track.

List below are the Fundraiser Committee members:

Chairperson:  Sandra Bailey

St. Charles:  Kam Johnson, Shasheen Pride and Keisha Spivey

St. Louis:  Leah Burnett, Angela Mckissic and Dana Reid

We will conduct 1-2 fundraisers a month.  The USA website will be update monthly with fundraising information for the current month.  Parents will have opportunities to raise funds for track fees, travel expenses for out of town meets and team bags for their athletes.

We will participate in the Schnucks eScript card fundraiser.  This team fundraiser will be yearly.  Pick up your Schnucks eScript card from anyone on fundraising committee.  Use your eScript card at any Schnucks grocery store when you purchase groceries.  Give the cashier your escript card to swipe before the completing your purchase.

The fundraiser for March will be the TJ Pizzas.

 St. Louis will start their fundraiser the week of March 11th  for TJ Pizzas.  Dana Reid and Angela McKissic will be passing out order forms that week at practice. 

St. Charles will start their fundraiser the week of March 19th for TJ Pizzas.  You can pick up your TJ Pizza order form from Sandra Bailey or Keisha Spivey at practice.

­TJ Pizza Order forms are due back by April 4th, please submit your TJ pizza order forms with cash or money orders (no checks accepted) to Dana Reid for St. Louis location and Sandra Bailey for St. Charles location.

Please save this date of April 27th.  We will be hosting team car washes in four locations on April 27th, with two locations in St. Charles County and two locations in St. Louis.  More details to follow in a couple of weeks. 

Thank you for your support with fundraising!